MIRAS Association aims to bring together the skills of the founding members and members to intervene in development programs worldwide.The objective is to design and conduct projects that participate in tourism development and heritage development (cultural, environmental, heritage, etc..).

The project “Si loins, Si proches…Espèces marines menacées!” is under development. More about the project >>
The project “Miras I” is under development. It has been presented at the Workshop : Mediterranean heritage management in Paris, France. More about the project >>

The association is composed of professionals and amateur, sharing their knowledge for the creation of projects around “cultural development”.
– You have a project you want to join the association? Admission is subject to the review of your project and its relevance to the objectives of the association.
– You are interested in one of our projects, and would like to join the working group? Admission is subject to the assessment of your motivation and your qualifications.
Contact us for more information : miras_association(at)yahoo.fr