The association is composed of professionals and amateur, sharing their knowledge for the creation of projects around “cultural development”.
– You have a project you want to join the association? Admission is subject to the review of your project and its relevance to the objectives of the association.
– You are interested in one of our projects, and would like to join the working group? Admission is subject to the assessment of your motivation and your qualifications.
Contact us for more information : miras-association(at)

Founders and Members

Administration Committee :

Alain Barbu Alain BARBU – President

Jennifer Anderson Jennifer ANDERSON – Secretary

Special members :

Laetitia Barbu Laetitia Barbu-Ünlü – Project manager

And all those who collaborate in our projects :

Zafer Oter (Muğla University), Julien Moreno (Cartographer/GIS), Chronoson (Sound design)…